Danske Bank LEAN project

We have used Badgeland as our supplier quite a few times in Danske Bank now, and it was, in fact, also through an internal recommendation that our department became aware of Badgeland and their intriguing products.

We needed a supplier who could react quickly, and develop a new product with us. Badgeland helped us in realizing our idea, and despite a very short deadline, through a good understanding of our needs and idea, Badgeland managed to deliver a very satisfying result. The basic principle of LEAN is to continually work on improvements, as no process is perfect, and therefor can be improved.

We needed a LEAN-board for internal use in 45 departments in Danske Bank Region Central Jutland. The purpose of the board is to show the progress within chosen focus areas. We use the board to get an overview of whether we are achieving the budgeted targets. A whiteboard/LEAN-magnetic board is a very effective tool, for giving our employees an overview of how the department is doing. The fun magnets are really good at visualizing how the development within different focus areas is.

On the board, you can move different colored smiley-magnets, and other square magnets made especially for our need. We thank you for an extremely good collaboration and for our new LEAN-boards. Danske Bank 

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