How do I use the online badge designer?

At the bottom of our badge and magnet products, there is a button named ”Design”. This brings you to our badge designer, which helps you design your badges and magnets. The badge designer comes pre-set with the options you have previously chosen, but if you want to make changes to your order, you can easily do so in the badge designer.
In the upper left corner of the badge designer there are two buttons named “Badge” and “Template”. By clicking on the “Badge” button you will be able to see how the front of your finished badge will look. With the “Template” mode you are able to see how big the design needs to be for your design to go to the edges of the badge. If you want a plain white background on your badge or magnet the latter is nothing you need to worry about, but if you want the design or pattern on your badges or magnets to stretch all the way around the badge, you need to pay attention to the gray area in the “Template” view.

Under the “Customise it!” tab you can add your premade design or create a completely new design for your badges or magnets.
You don't need to have an existing logo. You can use "add text" and "add premade" without any design or logo.  
Use “add picture” to add your logo or design to the template. You can place it as you like. You can scale the design up or down and also rotate it to your liking. You can also change the opacity, flip it vertically and horizontally or change the background color. The standard background color is set to white, but you can choose a variety of different colors.
With the “Add text” option you can add a text to the design and change how you want it curved, the font you want to use, the size of the font, if you want it bold or italic, and also the opacity of the text.
If you want to choose one of our premade designs, you can use the “Add premade”. Here you can choose between a large variety of designs, and we are constantly adding new designs. If there is any design that you think that we should add to our selection, just send us an email and we will see what we have in stock.
With the “Paint” button you can add your own shape, if you want to add a circle or a square to your design.
When you have created or added something to the design, you can find these elements below and rearrange or make changes to the different layers on your design.