What should I be aware of when I create the design for my badges and magnets?

We can almost accept any format for your design. A JPG with high resolution, Photoshop, EPS, Illustrator, or PDF is the most common file formats.
Use 300 dpi and make sure the design is made in CMYK. If you create your design in RGB colors, which is set as default in a lot of software, your design will look good on a computer screen, but will be very different when printed.

The shape of the design you send us doesn't matter. We can adapt the design so that it is suitable for your badge.

We check each design before we start the production of your order, and fit it into the chosen badge size. You can  also utilise one of our templates and send us a design 100% ready for print. That gives you full control over the smallest details.

An important thing to think about, when creating your design, is to allow for enough bleed. Bleed is what allows the design to cover the entire badge, also the edges. Just make sure there is plenty of extra background on your design.

Below you can find the specifics for the different sizes of your design:


 Round Badges:

22mm Badge: Print area 30mm, Front area 22mm

25mm Badge: Print area 33mm, Front area 25mm

32mm Badge: Print area 41mm, Front area 32mm

37mm Badge: Print area 46mm, Front area 37mm

44mm Badge: Print area 53mm, Front area 44mm

56mm Badge: Print area 66mm, Front area 56mm

76mm Badge: Print area 87mm, Front area 76mm

89mm Badge: Print area 98mm, Front area 89mm

101mm Badge: Print area 116mm, Front area 56mm

152mm Badge: Print area 169mm, Front area 152mm


Square Badges:

25x25mm Badge: Print Area 30x30mm, Front area 25x25mm

40x40mm Badge: Print area 44x44mm, Front area 40x40mm


Rectangular Badges:

44x68mm Badge: Print area 48x72mm, Front area 44x68mm

64x89mm Badge: Print area 81x107mm, Front area 64x89mm

38x114mm Badge: Print area 58x134mm, Front area 38x114mm


Oval Badges:

45x70mm Badge: Print area 59x89mm, Front area 45x70mm


If you need specifics for a size not mentioned above, please let us know, and we will help you.