What sizes and shapes of badges and magnets can Badgeland produce?

We produce badges, pins and magnets in many different sizes and shapes.

Our round badges comes in 22, 25, 32, 37, 44, 56, 76, 89, 101 and 152mm.

Our oval badges comes in 45x70mm.

Our rectangular badges are available in 44x68mm, 51x76mm, 64x89mm, 38x114mm and with rounded corners in 25x70mm and 40x60mm. We also do square badges in 25x25mm and 40x40mm and with rounded corners in 37x37mm. We often bring in new sizes so if you have the need for another size or shape, write or call us and we can help you. Remember that all the sizes have different options for how they are to be attached.

Our most common option is with a needle, but we also have magnets and other methods.