"Anyone can!"

We got a badge machine, as many of our visitors wanted to create badges for their bands, associations and groups in a cheap way. It was believed that it was worthwhile creating the "badge" yourself instead of ordering finished badges to those who wanted them, or maybe even wanted to buy them.

When we got badge machine, we realized how easy it was to work with it. It requires almost no strength to use, and was really easy to understand.

To cut circles out required no special fine motor skills. A single punch is used as a pair of scissors ... Just easier.

Those who want to draw their own badges, they draw ... Those who want to do their layout on the computer and print it, they do that ... We found old comic books and other magazines. There you might find cartoon characters and cut out, or favorite artists, stylish shoes, a favorite football player or maybe a cool pattern.

Those who do not get excited and say, "Oh, that's boring", will change their minds pretty soon...

We began using the process of production of badges as a tool and an activity that everyone can participate in. We used it to work with both adults and children. People with different functional abilities, ages and languages. The process was the goal.

You do not need the language, you do not need particularly good fine motor skills, you do not have to know how draw, you do not need to be good at making layout on the computer. Anyone can! ... And besides, it isn’t even possible to see who has made the badges. It will be exactly the same quality with all of them!

We have redefined our badge machine from being a machine that makes badges, to be a tool for people to meet and find a new context together. Our badge machine is a tool to work in an inclusive and integrative way.

... Moreover, it is cheaper to do it yourself, and it is worth it!

Mattias Persson, Head of Lund Youth & Hemgård www.hemgarden.org