Our Badge products - We sell more than 20 sizes

We now sell more than 23 different sizes of badges and more than 7 different fittings.


Badge Products


But all our badge sizes are made as Magnets, nametags and some in many more types of products look in top menu to find all our different products. Read more about our special print types here: Neon, Metallic, Fabrik and Glow in the dark badges






Our many different badge sizes

We now offer more than 23 different badge sizes and 7 different attachment types which gives you 161 different types of badges. We now also offer 3 different types of Eco badges and 4 sizes of click badges that you can assemble without the use of a Badge machine.So no matter if you are looking for round, oval, square or rectangular badges your can find them here at Badgeland. Every size and shape has their advantages. If you send us your design as a round or square design does not matter. If you trust our year-long experience regarding badges and magnets, we return your trust with setting up the design as we believe will result in the best product. You can also take full control over the design by utilising our badge and magnet templates.


Our diffent badge backside types

Our most sold badge is of course the one with a needle to attach to clothes, bags etc. The classic one!!

We can make badges with needles in the following sizes

  • Round: 22mm, 25mm, 32mm, 37mm, 44mm, 56mm, 76mm, 89mm, 101mm, 152mm
  • Oval: 70x45mm
  • Square and rectangular: 25x25mm, 40x40mm, 44x68mm, 64x89mm, 38x114mm
Badge magnets with Powermagnet, flat black magnet or double magnet (for nametags)

Our magnets are of very high quality and is an excellent give away product with your logo or as a gift for the family. We have magnets for many different kind of occations. Our Powermagnets are excellent to attach papers to a whiteboard. Our flat black fridge magnets allows for saving postcards or lists on the fridge without leaving scratches. Our magnetic nametags is superb if you want a nice nametag but do not want to make a hole in your jacket or shirt.

We make magnets in the following sizes:
  • Powermagneter: 25mm round, 32mm round, 40x40mm square with round corners, 44x68mm.
  • Fla black magnet: 40x40mm with round corners, 44x68mm
         NEW: 76mm, 56mm, 44mm, 37mm, 45x70mm oval, 64x89mm, 38x114mm
  • Double magnets: 56mm round, 76mm round, 44x68mm, 70x45mm oval, 
         NEW: 101mm, 152mm, 64x89mm, 38x114mm
Badges with Butterfly lock.

This product is similar to a standard badge, but instead of a normal badge needle it is fitted with a butterfly lock. This method only leaves one hole in the shirt or tshirt instead of two. The lock is very easily attached and is perfect for thicker shirts as for example a whool sweater or a tie. We can also attach them to postcards for you. 

We got pin badges in the following sizes:
  • Round: 22mm, 25mm, 32mm, 37mm, 44mm, 56mm
  • Oval: 70x45mm
  • Square and rectangular: 40x40mm, 44x68mm, 40x40mm with round corners.
Badges as key rings. 

Give your keys a nice look with your own logo! They are perfect for zippers, bags or the keychain. Key rings are an excellent give-away product or merchandise for your band, company or organisation.

We make key rings as 25mm round and 32mm round.
We make zipper pull pendants as 25mm and 32mm

Perfect to attach on kids jackets or a bag.


Badges with mirrors or bottle openers 

Our popular 56mm badges fitted with a nice mirror or bottle opener on the back. The perfect gift or merchandise to advertise your band, team or organisation.

We make these in the following sizes:

  • Bottle Opener badge: 56mm
  • Mirror badge: 56mm, 76mm
Badges with crocodile clip and buckle-clip

This kind of fitting is really good for name tags. 

We got this product in following sizes:
  • Crocodile clip: 44mm round, 56mm round, 40x40mm, 44x68mm.
  • Buckle-Clip: 56mm round


Special print options

Metallic badges
Different from our normal printing, when we produce metallic badges and magnets, the area on your design that is left white will not be printed but it is here that the metallic effect will shine through. It is important also to remember that colors will be different when printed for metallic buttons, badges and magnets, so use full colors for your design. You can find our special print types on our big price calculator just select you size/shape and then under select type of badge you select Metallic look. Note that this type of badge is not made in all sizes. Note that this type of badge is not made in all sizes.


Neon color badges:

When printing neon badges, buttons and magnets we can only print in gray/black nuances. All white areas on the design will be left without print and it is here that the neon color that you have chosen will show. You can find this special print type on our big price calculator just select you size/shape and then under select type of badge you select Neon color. Note that this type of badge is not made in all sizes.

Fluorescent / Glow in the dark

When printing Glow in the dark magnets, badges and pins it is important to think about that what will be flourescent is what is left white on your design. If you for example want text to be flourescent, leave the text in white and make the remaining design black. We cannot print colors on Glow in the dark badges since colors gets distorted and ruins the look of the badge. You can find this special print type on our big price calculator just select you size/shape and then under select type of badge you select Glow in the dark. Note that this type of badge is not made in all sizes.

Fabric button badges
Your design is printed on fabric a bit similar to denim. Due to the rough structure you need to use thicker fonts and it can also be hard to see small details in the design. You can find this special print type on our big price calculator just select you size/shape and then under select type of badge you select Fabric. Note that this type of badge is not made in all sizes.

We can print in both CMYK and PANTONE colors

We print everything default in full digital color CMYK printing. CMYK is a abbreviation for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (black). With these 4 colors you can mix all other colors. Most types of print materials work perfect printet in CMYK colors but if you are looking for very vibrante colors, special Neon colors or try to match a very specific color it may be nessecery to print offset in PANTONE colors. This way of printing is more costly especially in small quantums but in big quantums over 10.000 it may not be much more costly ask us about your options. But remember our default printing option is CMYK full color printing.


Badges printed with Pantone colors also have a longer delivery time due to the production method. If you are interested in large quantities and you have sufficient time, do not hesitate to call us or send us an email.

























Choose between our many different badge machine sizes

We have badge machines in a number of different sizes. You can also buy a cutter which makes the production much easier.



Our PRO Badge machines - We have this type in 8 different sizes from the small 22mm badge machine to the big 89mm machine. This Badge machine has a permanent die so you can only use this machine with one size and shape. The advantage by this is that you get a badge machine that cant be destroyd. Some of our old rental machines has made over 150.000 badges and they are still going strog. Thats also why we offer a 10 year warrienty and a lifelong repair service. 











Our Multi die badge machines - This is our most flexible machine. On there 2 different size bodies you can put a total of over 20 different dies that covers most types of shapes and sizes. You can even buy square and rectangular dies for these machines.













Metallic badges

We can make Metallic color badges. These are especially good with black text, for example. a door so you can see which way it is to be opened for opening hours and other on windows or doors.

Neon Badges

Colors are not suitable for this type of badges as only 100% colors are quite strong in color.

See more about our  many different backside fittings

We have back sides for all kind of occations. Magnets, needles, pins, bottleopeners, mirrors, clips and more!

Always 3 production speeds at your disposal.

If Standard production is choosen you will recieve your items in 5-6 workdays. Your parcel will be shipped with DHL and will be insured for your safety. Write to info@badgeland.co.uk if you want us to send your track and trace number.

Express production cost a addon of 20%  of the total productprice, but you can choose between the different production options when you are checking our online calculator which will give you the prices immediately. When you are using Express production you will recieve your items in 3-4 workdays.

SuperExpress is our fastest production time. Like the Express option you pay 20% on top of the standard price. In addition we will send SuperExpress orders with TNT courier service and therefor we add a courier fee depending on weight. You can see the shipping weight in the basket wich will also provide you with the exact shippingprice. When you order SuperExpress production you will recieve your goods in 24 hous if you place the order before 12 pm. Read more about our production and delivery times.