Social democrats in Bornholm (Denmark)

Recommodation Badgeland

In connection to the upcoming election (2015), badges are a part of Claus Larsen-Jensens campaign: “Best for Bornholm”.

They have been used at various gatherings around Bornholm, and we are also planning to hand them out at schools. The badges are an important part of the campaign and they make a huge difference in the campaign work, as they convey a clear statement from the people of Bornholm.

In general, badges are a fun and effective way to convey a message. Badgeland delivered a service that was characterized by commitment and good customer care. We got exactly the design we wanted at a good price. We will certainly use them in future campaign work.

Leonora Minna Frølund Thomsen
Campaign Manager to Claus Larsen-Jensen at the 2015 election