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You can get dicount here at Badgeland if your order big

No matter if you want one badge or a million we can help you. We have a production limit of 70.000 badges per day and if you need 10.000 pcs. tomorrow we can surely help you. But remember that the longer the delivery time the better price we can offer you, even better than our low online prices.


If you need over 5000 badges with the same layout we can even offer you to offset print in PANTONE colors. Print in PANTONE colors in stead of our normal CMYK digital prints cost a little more and takes about 1 week longer than normal. If you want some inspiration on how to use badges you can click here to go to our inspiration page


We can also offer you special packing and mounting. No matter what your needs are we can surely find a solution that will mathc your needs. We often pack the badges in zip bags in singels, 25 pcs, 500 pcs or 1000 pcs. Call us and lets discus yours needs. Do as some of the biggst companies in UK order at Badgeland.






Read more about the many different packing options that we offer

Sales ready packing

We can print packing stickers on the plastic bags with badges, nametags or magnets. We have more than 20 different cartbord box sizes that you can specify. We can also pack every single item in a little gift or sales box and make EURO holes for display hanging. Call us now at let us know you special needs for packing and boxing and we are sure that we can find a good viable solution.


Mounting on postcards

As a new product we can also offer to mount your badges on a postcard or pack them in sales ready plastic bags with a EURO hole for display hanging.

If you select to have your badges mounted on a card we will as a standard use a card in the conventional size xx with is small and solid enough to offer a firm mounting for the badges. But we can make whatever you need do not hessitate to call us.




Neutral delivery

We produce badges and magnets to a large number of agencies throughout northern Europe, and are used to the standards and needs of our customers. We can help you if you want to send the package directly to the customer as a neutral package, without making them aware of that we are the producer. This allows for a faster delivery time to your customer and remove the need of the badges or magnets to come to your office just to be sent out again the same day. The badges and magnets are sent without our logo on the package, and without the invoice that normally follows with the badges. If you are interested in this option, please send us a mail to

Do you need help designing your layouts? - Let us help


Vector drawings

We have access to a large quantity of designs in vector format. Vector allows the design to be scaled up in just the size that you want without reduction of quality. If you have a specific request for your badges or magnets, or cannot find an appropriate vector design, just let us know and we will help you.

Buy a vector drawing here


Redrawing of your existing graphics or logo

If you have an already existing logo or design that you want printed on badges or magnets, but you do not have access to the original design file, we can help you! If you send us the design as a picture, we put one of our high skilled graphical designers on the task to redraw the design for you. Email or call us today and we will try to give you an estimation on the approximate time and cost for your redrawn logo.


Draw a brand new logo/graphics from your idea

You have an idea for a promotional item in this case a badge and a temporery tattoo but you only have your normal logo and a lot of ideas? - No problem. Let Badgeland help you draw up good quality vector designs that can make your promotion campaign an overnight success. Here is shown a new upcomming Vodka brand that needed a cool logo for some merchandise for a music festival. They ended up giving away badges and temporery tattoos at a fast pace and made thousands of new ambasadors for their new Vodka.




Do you need extended payment terms?

We know that our bigger business partners sometimes needs longer payment terms. You are welcome to contact us and have a talk with us. Call our normal service line and ask for billing. We have different plans netto 30 days, netto 60 days etc.


We accept creditcard and invoice payment with bank transfer.


Our Bank is:

NatWest Dean St.

Sort code: 603003

Account number: 26210940

IBAN: GB66NWBK60300326210940





Some of our Partners also have extented terms:







Cooperation and sponsorships

The employees at Badgeland are proud sponsors of a large number of the biggest humanitarian organisations and love to help out when we can. We understand that the financial situations for NGOs can be strained, and this is why we offer special discounts for this kind of organisations. We may also offer special deals for good causes, but this is something that we evaluate from case to case. Send us a description of your cause and what you need and we will see in what way we can assist you.


Send your case to and write Sponsorship in the header to get faster feedback on how we are able to help you with magnets or badges. See some of the cooperation and sponsorship badges that we have made for organisations


Are you in the need of big quantums of badges?

If you need a lot of badges +10.000 pcs. then we can give you an even better price. The price is dependant on deliverytime, colors, packing and the size of the badges. Dont hesitate on contacting us we have an offer for you can't resist.

Sure we can print in Pantone colors.

In orders over 5000 pcs. you can ask us for print in PANTONE colors in stead of our normal digital CMYK printing. If you want us to find you a addon price for printing badges in PANTONE colors we need to know exactly which colors your design entails. Send us this informations in an email clearly marked printing in PANTONE colors.


Always 3 production speeds at your disposal.

If Standard production is choosen you will recieve your items in 5-6 workdays. Your parcel will be shipped with DHL and will be insured for your safety. Write to if you want us to send your track and trace number.

Express production cost a addon of 20%  of the total productprice, but you can choose between the different production options when you are checking our online calculator which will give you the prices immediately. When you are using Express production you will recieve your items in 3-4 workdays.

SuperExpress is our fastest production time. Like the Express option you pay 20% on top of the standard price. In addition we will send SuperExpress orders with TNT courier service and therefor we add a courier fee depending on weight. You can see the shipping weight in the basket wich will also provide you with the exact shippingprice. When you order SuperExpress production you will recieve your goods in 24 hous if you place the order before 12 pm. Read more about our production and delivery times