How to make a pin badge

Badges can be used in almost an unlimited amount of occations. Everything from celebration of one you love, displaying an advertisement message, making people aware of a noble cause, merchandise for a band or a team, or telling customers that an employee is new at the job. Only your fantasy sets the limits for how you can use badges. See all our different badge sizes here: See our Badge sizes - Click here

how to make a badge in our badge designer



How to make a fridgemagnet

Does your company have a marketing campaign going on? Is there a specific product that you want to highlight? Do you want to tell the customers that they can ask the staff for advice? Badges are an excellent method to market your brand or firm.






How to make a nametag

A badge with your bands logo is a great merchandise for your fans, so that they can display on their bags or jackets that they support your band. We have made badges to many big bands and festivals in Scandinavia and we are looking forward to help you develop awesome badges for your band.






The history of badges and fridge magnets

Badges has for a long time been a popular method to show a message, and they can be seen everywhere in the UK - In shops, at markets, at restaurants and during elections to name a few.
Badges looks good on a hat, a pair of pants, a skirt, socks, on the shoes or the bag. It is only your imagination that sets the limit for how you can use badges.


Fashion is not only a question about looking good. It is also a matter of views, such as political opinions or interest in environmental issues. Use badges to express just your feelings, opinions, and thoughts.


Badges are easy to carry, and you can use them with almost every type of cloth or for every reason. Badges are cheap and easy to get hold of. It is easy to design your own badge and thereby be unique.

The history behind badges:


Badges was invented by the firm "Whitehead and Hoag" back in 1896, but it was not the type of badge we know today. Back then it was completely made of fabric. which now again is on its way to gain popularity!


Next milestone for badges was in the 60's when badges saw a renaissance when they were picked up by the hippie movement, where the youth spread the word against nuclear power, for love and peace and the budding environmental awareness movement.


In the middle of the 70's Sex Pistols made the small "1-inch badge" to the essential fashion statement. In the following decade people all over the world started to show their support for different bands, clubs, organisations and political orientations with the use of the 1-inch badge.  


Button badges are about to come back into the everyday useage. You can see it at a large number of music award shows where the musicians utilize badges.



Musicians has always been big fans of using badges and still do so today. Bands like Radiohead, Travis, Weezer and Carpark North still utilize badges for spreading knowledge about their music.








Big Quantities?

At Badgeland you get awarded the bigger the quantity you want through a lower price per piece. For big orders we can give you a really good offer that is hard to resist. Get in contact with us through phone  at 0203 393 1659 or email:





Read more about our differen badge types and badge sizes

At Badgeland we produce more than 23 different badge sizes and fit these badge with more than 7 different backside types - the most sold of cause the normal pin/needle backside.