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Badge parts with a needle

19 different sizes to choose from


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Badge parts with a needle

  • Quality metal parts.

  • 19 different sizes to choose from.

  • Complete sets for making badges. Plastic front, metal front and metal back with a needle.

  • Depending on the size, you can make up to 400 badges per hour with a Badgeland badge machine

These badge parts fit all our 3 types of machines; Mini badge machines, Multi badge machines, and Pro badge machines. You just have to choose exactly the same size as your badge machine.

Our badge parts are sold in whole sets, with front, back, and mylar. So everything you need to make a badge in our badge machines. Front and back covers are not sold separately. Mylar can be purchased separately in 1000 pcs packages.

Be aware that 37mm badges have two options. One that fits best in our MULTI badge machines, and one that fits best in our PRO. However, both can be used.

Product info

  • Many different sizes:
  • Round 25mm
  • Round 32mm
  • Round 37mm
  • Round 44mm
  • Rund 56mm
  • Round 76mm
  • Round 89mm
  • Round 90mm
  • Round 100mm
  • Oval 45x69mm
  • Rectangular 40x60mm
  • Rectangular 25x70mm
  • Square 37x37mm
  • Triangular 63x58mm
  • Pentagonal 60x58mm
  • Hexagonal 65x58mm

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