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Brexit - Goodbye but also welcome.

Brexit complications

Thank you to all our loyal clients in the United Kingdom 

Its an emotional time for us at Badgeland UK. We have serviced our English, Scottish, Welch and Northern Irish clients the last 5 years but now we have to make some temporery restrictions due to Brexit. Until 1/1 2021 private clients will not be able to shop on Badgeland. So again THANK YOU so much for the last 5 years. 

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You can still buy from us if you are a company or organisation and you are registrated with a EU/GB VAT number. Then we can sell ex VAT to your business or organisation. And from 1/1 2021 everyone in UK will be able to buy ex VAT from us.

DenmarkDuring this transitional time of United Kingdom not being a member of the European Union, we as a company are physically located in Denmark. We have to take this temporary step to trim our costs due to Brexit. We will continue to offer extraordinary service and products to UK companies.

You can check your VAT number here:

The Danish Vikings are moving back to Denmark

Because of Brexit we are closing our office in the UK. But we would love to move your orders along with us to Denmark. You can still shop like normal, we will just not charge VAT on your orders. Until 1/1 2021 companies with GB/EU vat registraion can buy ex vat. After Brexit is implemented we will be able to invite private orders back.

So in the future you will be supported from our HQ located in Aarhus Denmark. Our staff will be on standby as usual to solve your badge, magnet, pin and sticker needs. 

Regards from Denmark.

Service from Denmark