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Emotion magnets

In companies, magnets are used like never before. They are used to show customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, or project management. More and more companies now request our different LEAN magnets, and our best-selling are our red, yellow and green emotion magnets. Visual management can not just be replaced by apps and computer programs, as the physical action by attaching and moving around on a metal magnet does something very specific to the understanding.

The Emotion Magnets are also super good for eg. to be able to visualize absence, work environment and status of tasks in projects etc. We make more types of Lean products than shown on the page, and we also always have the opportunity to develop and produce something unique to your business in very few days.

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Sour smiley magnet
For use on whiteboards and other metal surfaces
Starting at £0.37
Neutral smiley magnet
Smiley with a neutral facial expression
Starting at £0.37
Happy smiley magnet
Smiling smileys for many different situations
Starting at £0.37
Very happy smiley magnet
Very happy smiley magnets for LEAN projects
Starting at £0.37
Smiley magnet package
You get; green happy, yellow neutral, and red sour smiley magnets.
Starting at £0.42
Package of 2 cm smiley magnets - 3 sheets in each package
There are 32 magnets on each sheet. They just have to click them out of the sheet.
Starting at £0.22
2 cm Smiley magnets
2cm smiley magnet. A sheet with 32 pcs. We have this item in 3 colors. Happy green, neutral yellow a...
Starting at £0.22
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