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We do what we can in order to look after the environment, because we all have a responsibility to look after our planet. We, as a business, focus on good solid products with a long lifespan, and we are careful to recycle the resources we can. Of course, we have containers for recycling cardboard and paper, and as something new we have had solar panels installed in our office building in 2018, thus reducing our consumption of conventional electricity, made from coal power among other things. Our solar panels cover virtually all of our power consumption during periods of high sunlight. This corresponds to a production of 25 kWh when the sun is at its highest - or in other words as much power as 5 normal households consume.

At Badgeland, we are hesitant in labeling some products as more green than others, as it is certainly not an easy calculation. Raw materials have to travel around the world many times before they end up as the end products you end up buying. But we do what we can to make the goods you buy have as short of a journey as possible.

We are in support of a worldwide CO2 tax, like some of the world's leading economists. A CO2 tax would make it clear, through the price of the various products, how big an impression the different things have had on the climate, and it would be cheaper for you to buy the most environmentally friendly products.

We always recommend quality

Until we achieve a greater transparency on the environmental impact of goods throughout the world, we recommend that you as a consumer think about the quality of the goods. After all, a product that is better for the environment in the short run can easily end up being the worst, if you consider how good the quality and thus the temporal usability of the product has. If you buy a good quality enamel pin, it has a higher climatic footprint on the short course than for example. a sticker for the clothing has. But if you consider using an enamel pin over several years, while the sticker is discarded after a few days, then the matter is quite different.

At Badgeland, we always recommend quality - It has the advantage of winning in the long run and will in the long run set less climate footprints.

Read more about CO2 tax here:

Product recycling

As a new thing, we have developed a Badge recycling system. You buy your badges from us as usual and after they have served their purpose, you then collect them and order a free return shipping label from us. You get it by email, print it, and put it on the box with your badges. When we receive them, they will either be disassembled and melted down, or they are given out to Kindergarteners, who decorate them with stickers or draw on them with permanent markers or paint.

We recycle "ugly" boxes

We recycle as much cardboard as possible. We do this, as the boxes used for heavy items are double or triple layer boxes. This type of cardboard boxes requires a lot of energy to produce, so we can save the planet from a lot of unnecessary resource waste by just using the big cardboard boxes one more time.

We have CO2 neutralized your visit to our website

When you shop at, your visit is climate neutralized. That is, all the power that our server and your computer uses during the time you shop is CO2 neutralized. This is done squarely by buying shares in projects that are CO2-reducing and are supporting renewable energy sources. Look for the "CO2 neutral website" logo to make sure your time on the web is deducted in the big climate calculation. Badgeland was actually one of the first companies to sign up for CO2 neutralization.

NEWS: Our electricity are supplied by the company Vindstød. So in addition to our own production from our solar cells, we supplement with electricity from Danish wind turbines.