Examples on usage

Badges can be used in almost an unlimited amount of occations. Everything from celebration of one you love, displaying an advertisement message, making people aware of a noble cause, merchandise for a band or a team, or telling customers that an employee is new at the job. Only your fantasy sets the limits for how you can use badges. See all our different badge sizes here: See our Badge sizes - Click here

Badges used by companies



Usage in Companies

Does your company have a marketing campaign going on? Is there a specific product that you want to highlight? Do you want to tell the customers that they can ask the staff for advice? Badges are an excellent method to market your brand or firm.

Retail - useage:

We have many customers in the retail industry, who uses badges for many different purposes. Badges can in general be used in an almost infinite number of ways - Only imagination sets the limit!

  • Name tags - For this purpose our oval and rectangular badges with double magnet really useful
  • Put focus on a new product
  • Increase sales of a product
  • Create awareness for discount sales. Especially 56mm and 76mm badges are perfect for these.
  • Giveaway products as advertisement – popular among big fashion brands among others
  • Award for employees - for example "Highest sales Mars 2014", "Employee of the month" etc.
  • Teambuildings-seminars use badges as awards or to mark what team each employee belongs to
  • Smiley badges are good to encourage employees, and are also excellent in LEAN project management
  • ”New at work”- or ”Intern”-badges makes the customers more lenient with mistakes from new employees.
  • Badges is perfect for viral marketing, for example with a QR code. Thereby the badge can contain a website address or "call" a phone number

Remember that we also make our badges with double magnets so that you do not need leave marks on the shirt with a needle.



Badges used by companies




Badges for bands

A badge with your bands logo is a great merchandise for your fans, so that they can display on their bags or jackets that they support your band. We have made badges to many big bands and festivals in Scandinavia and we are looking forward to help you develop awesome badges for your band.

Musicians have used badges for a long time to reach out to their fans, and still do so today. Bands as for example Radiohead, Travis, Weezer and Carpark North still use a lot of badges for their fans. The opportunities are many.

  • Use for promotion for your band
  • Badges can generate extra cash inflow through sales as merchandise
  • Help your fans to spread the word about your music
  • We also make fridge magnets!


Badges used by bands





We are proud of that we cooperate with most of Denmark and Swedens humanitarian organisations. Remember that we offer a discount regardless of if your organisation is fighting cancer, helping elderly or similar causes. Just contact us and we give you a good offer.


Badges used by organisations





Private usage

We make many badges for weddings, baptism, birthdays or bachelor parties. Make your own unique fridge magnet that you can hand out with a picture of your newborn baby for Christmas. Badges is something people keep as memories of the occation, and we love to help you create something that will help people remember the joy.

Private useage:
Badges can be used in many different ways and there is almost no end to what private persons have used our badges for.

  • Badges is made to advertise your standpoint
  • Badges can be used as accessories for a jacket or a bag
  • They can be used to celebrate a person at a party
  • Badges can be used as placement cards (and thereby also as a name tag and memory) at a big party or a wedding
  • Badges can be part of a birthday party with pictures from the persons childhood or smiliar
  • Badges are fun for a bachelor party - remember that we make badges all the way up to 152mm
  • Our badge - fridge magnets is a great gift for the aunt or uncle with a picture of the newest member of the family
  • Remember that we also make square and recangular fridge magnets - these are perfect for nice family pictures since they allow the entire picture to end up on the magnet. They can also be used as an invitation for a party - easy to put where it can be seen and so that the guest does not forget to buy you a gift



Badges made for private persons




Big Quantities?

At Badgeland you get awarded the bigger the quantity you want through a lower price per piece. For big orders we can give you a really good offer that is hard to resist. Get in contact with us through phone  at 0203 393 1659 or email: info@badgeland.co.uk





Read more about our differen badge types and badge sizes

At Badgeland we produce more than 23 different badge sizes and fit these badge with more than 7 different backside types - the most sold of cause the normal pin/needle backside.