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Our Products

We produce a great variety of products at Badgeland. Some we make in Denmark, on others we can offer production in Germany and Poland at a better price, and other products, such as lanyards and pins, are made only in China. That way we can offer the best products at the best available prices on the market.

Some of the many products Badgeland offer:

  • Button badges - We a one of Scandinavia's largest producers of button badges.
  • Badge machines - Incredibly durable badge making machines.
  • Badge parts - We sell all the materials needed to make badges.
  • Name tags - We make many varieties of name tags with both needle and magnet.
  • Keychains - Many different types ranging from metal and enamel to rubber keychains.
  • Pins - A classic metal emblem to place on the jacket.
  • Enamel pins - The classic pins with soft enamel colors.
  • Tokens - For school parties, casino nights, coat checks, or trolleys.
  • Trolley coins - Available in either plastic, or in metal with a keychain.
  • Pocket mirrors - A compact mirror with custom logo or design fit for any purse.
  • Bottle openers - Available as either keyrings or as fridge magnets with your design.
  • Magnets - Many different types of magnets including strong whiteboard magnets.
  • Lanyards with your logo - Many variations: woven, printed, and sublimation
  • Signs for furniture or textile design - We make various metal and rubber signs for the design industry.
  • Time magnets - Fun time magnets for setting and displaying a race time.

At Badgeland and Stickerland we can do more products than you find here. You can always contact us to find is we can meet your specific needs for promotional items. 

Graphic assistance

The graphic aspect of setting up of new products can be difficult. We have an Online Designer on our badges and some of our magnets, but until we get it made on all our products you have the choice to put the product in our templates yourself or to have one of our graphic artists help you set your design up. It may also be that you are missing something in the design for you to use it, such as converting the design to a good quality vector format, or changing something in an old design or logo. Either way, we can easily help you with the graphics.

However, to make our prices as low as possible, this service is not included in the price of the products. So if you need us to change your design, we will have to charge a bit for our time.The amount of the costs depends on the size of the task, but we charge a minimum of 15 minutes of graphical assistance which costs £19 ex VAT. During that time, most minor fixes can be solved. But if a logo is to be redone, it can cost up to an hour or more, depending on complexity.

Here's how our graphic designer helped a customer make a design ready for print:

Grafisk hjælp

Special packaging

At Badgeland you have the opportunity to ask us to pack your products in a special way. We can pack your badges or magnets in exactly the number you want for a low price per bag. It may cost more to have a special label put on each bag, but it is something we can do for you too. If you wanty our badges or pins to look great, when you sell or distribute them, we can mount them on a card or in a ready-to-use packaging, possibly with EURO holes ready to hang on a display. Call us for a talk about your possibilities.

Badges monteret på et kortprodukt monteret på et kortSalgsklare badges på kortkort der kan åbnes med badgesBadges med QR kode og kort badges monteret på postkortbadges pakket på en special mådeBadges på hænge display