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Our Badges and our other products can be used in countless different contexts. They can be used both to sell more products, and to bring focus on a special function of an employee, such as "ask me" or calling attention to a campaign. On this page you can get ideas and inspiration on how to use the products we sell.

Company application

You probably recognize this situation: You are standing in line, the clerk at the checkout is very slow and keeps making mistakes. The goods are not scanned properly, the clerk does not remember the numbers of the vegetables and the queue gets longer and longer. One loses patience and becomes slightly annoyed. This is a normal reaction in supermarkets when people are in a hurry. Often, the slow operation is due to the new employee being just that: new. You just can't see that. Therefore, it is a good idea to have some badges that you can give to the new employees when they have to sit at the register for the first time. It will increase customer understanding and the new employee will have a much better experience. It is obvious to use badges in stores this way. Go to badges.

Another classic way to use badges is as name tags, so you can see what the clerk is called. It shows openness and creates a relationship with the customer, who then feels more secure. Another option is to have employees wear badges with specific messages. It may be that you have offers for certain things or if there is a sale. Badges are a great way to bring awareness to the campaign and it provides additional sales. Badges can also show that you support a specific cause. Maybe you are backing some relief organization. In a store, that type of badge will give customers a positive impression and hopefully make them buy more. See more about name tags

Organizations' use of badges / Schools

We are proud to cooperate with most of Denmark's humanitarian organizations. Remember that we offer a special discount to you, whether it is the whales, the elderly or beating cancer that is the purpose.

We sell a lot of badge machines to schools and organizations. These are used to produce badges and can be used with ease by even very young children at the age of 10. A badge machine is a fun involving way to make something physical that can also be sold in a collection or to collect money for a class trip. Buy a badge machine

Badges are a great way to communicate a common message. You can show that you belong by wearing the same badges, or you can show that you support a specific cause. Therefore, badges are also widely used, and can often be seen on people's sweaters, bags, or perhaps in the form of a magnet on the refrigerator. Badges can also be used in the Danish primary schools for a variety of things.

For example. Imagine the school launching a campaign against bullying, making a lot of badges in which there could be "stop bullying" or other messages in that direction. It could ask all the students to wear this while the campaign runs. That way, students will be constantly reminded of the message and they will feel that they share something because they all carry the same symbol.

You could also have badges for the older students, where you appoint older students to be in charge of helping the younger students. It is well known that homework help and big brother/sister systems can be beneficial to both the older student and the younger student. Here you could equip the students with some badges stating that they are homework helpers. It will help the smaller students to identify the right ones and thus be able to access help more easily. It will be a good and safe way for the younger pupils, who can often be a little scared of the big pupils of the school. One could also imagine that some of the older classes might have to raise some money for a study trip or school outing. Here you do the collection and have a badge sitting on the shirt as proof. This way people can see where they are coming from and hopefully this will help to raise more money.

Whatever preferences and needs you have, you can make badges to suit your wishes. Just contact us and we will arrange your orders quickly and professionally.

Lodges and associations.

Any lodge or association with respect for itself has for the past 50-100 years had a yearling needle or an official enamel pin. Why break this tradition? Badgeland makes everything in enamel pins. Both with and without enamel, with cuff button back, small needle, long needle or with crocodile clip for ties. We are constantly expanding our website with more information about these products. But you can always call us and hear more about your options. Go to Pins and Enamel Pins

Private use

Badges have many good uses. It can deliver a message, specific information, or show belonging to a specific group. A badge can be an important part of a revolution, e.g. in that all young people wear a badge, as has been seen elsewhere in the Middle East conflicts. A badge is a small round piece of plastic and metal that you can attach to different things. One can, for example. wear a round badge with a political logo on a bag. You can also make your own badge, and for example. write "the world's best dad" and have it hanging on his work bag. The possibilities are truly endless.

Although you may not think about it, you actually see badges everywhere in everyday life. These are people's name tags in the supermarkets, their title in the hospital or perhaps their political position in the parliament hall.

It can also be in the form of propaganda for a particular cause, such as back in the 1970s when almost all young Danes became environmental activists and fought nuclear power plants. Here, the young people wore badges with figures condemning the nuclear plants. Whatever the occasion, you can make a badge that fits. It can for example. also be for a good friend's bachelor party or the like.

Granma needs a fridge magnet with the new little gold nugget. Badges can also be used for the fun stag/hens night, wedding or confirmation. Create a truly unique table card with a badge with a photo or quotes from the confirmand, and create a memory that will not just be thrown out afterwards.

Music and festival

We have gradually made badges for many of Northern Europe's best bands and festivals, and we look forward to making some cool badges for you. Like Sex Pistols in the 80s, badges can give your band an inclusive image, where your fans become ambassadors for your music. Throughout the history of music, badges have also been used as merchandice.

In the 10-15 years that Badgeland has made badges, we have helped countless artists, big and small, including: MEW, Nephew, Teitur, Anne Linnet, Tamra Rosanes and ZZ top just to name a few. We also made badges for some of the major Northern European music festivals, because what is a music festival without badges?

So why not offer your fans an opportunity to show their love for the music. Typical sizes used by bands are 25mm, 32mm and 37mm badges. They are all small enough to look cool on a jacket or bag.

Another product that is becoming indispensable in the fan shop of most heavymetal bands is a bold enamel pin. We make these from only 100 pieces. Although pins are more expensive than badges, these have also suffered from a renaissance and are a very popular item. Go to Pins and Enamel Pins